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AAE Fastset Gel 9 gram

AAE Fastset Gel 9 gram
Brand: AAE Arizona Archery
Product Code: AAE Fastset Gel 9 gram
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Price: $17.50


AAE 'Fastset' Gel 9 Gram Tube      *** Our most popular Vane Glue! *** 

Vane & Nock Adhesive
When used in conjunction with AAE Max Weld Primer Pen, any of the Max Series of vanes will never leave your shafts!
  • A cyanoacrylate adhesive, specially formulated for gluing AAE nocks and Vanes to both aluminum and carbon shafts.
  • Its high viscosity makes application easy with less wastage.
  • Bonds any brand of vane to carbon or aluminium arrow shafts instantly, creating a strong, long-lasting bond.
Not for use on inserts!
Made in the USA by Arizona Archery Enterprises, USA.
Actual product colour may vary slightly to that displayed due to variations in computer displays.

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