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AAE PRO BLADE | Target Rest

AAE PRO BLADE | Target Rest
AAE PRO BLADE | Target Rest AAE PRO BLADE | Target Rest AAE PRO BLADE | Target Rest AAE PRO BLADE | Target Rest AAE PRO BLADE | Target Rest
Brand: AAE Arizona Archery
Product Code: AAE Pro Blade Arrow Rest
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Price: $189.00
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AAE Pro Blade Arrow Rest
Universal Mount - Target Compound Bow Rest
This is the toughest micro-adjustable target rest on the market today.
It is a true micro adjustable rest.
ten zone archery
The Pro Blade features a unique design in launcher blades with a solid indexing system for changing out the launcher without having to re-adjust your centre-shot
Again, no left / right slack or sloppiness when you un-bolt the blade, like some alternative blade rests.
This allows you to change your blade in the field WITHOUT losing your centre-shot setting.
ten zone archery
The Pro Blade also features an adjustable blade angle for the ultimate tune.
Laser-etched adjustment lines and over-sized lock-down machine screws complete this rest.  
ten zone archery
This rest comes standard with .008" and .010" blades to help the elite target shooter adjust the perfect tune.
Note! The photographs may show a slightly earlier model, with the elevation adjustment knob on the top. The latest model, has the elevation knob on the bottom of the block.
We only sell the latest model Pro Blade arrow rest from Arizona Archery!
Beware of dealers selling off old stock sourced from Australian distributors!
ten zo
ne archery
Made in the USA by Arizona Archery Enterprises, USA.
Actual product colour may vary slightly to that displayed due to variations in computer displays.

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