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Black Eagle OUTLAW Arrow Pink

Black Eagle OUTLAW Arrow Pink
Brand: Black Eagle Arrows
Product Code: Black Eagle OUTLAW Arrow Pink
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Price: $151.00
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PINK Outlaw Arrow .005 *
Factory made arrow with cresting - 12 qty. Points,nocks and Inserts Included.
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Hit dead center with the high visibility Pink Outlaw!
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The Pink Outlaw features the brightest colors to help you see your shafts in low light.
These arrows are crested with enamel designed specifically to withstand your harshest punishment.
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The Outlaw carbon arrow was created for the hunter looking for the ultimate in strength and durability, at an affordable price.
A 19/64" series std carbon arrow, with excellent knock-down power and speed - the perfect choice for any shooter.
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Outlaw arrows will come with: 
  • Black Eagle .244 Nocks - 10 Grains.
  • Zombie Slayer/ Carnivore/ Outlaw aluminium Inserts - 14 Grains.
  • Blazer Vanes.
  • Combo Points
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*This listing is for fletched arrows.
Saunders Points are included - please tell us your preferred grain weight at checkout.
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•Straightness: ± 0.006" max.
•Weight tolerance: ± 2 grains 
•Length (Carbon to carbon): 32.3"

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Spine Inner Diameter Outer Diameter GPI
300 .2445" .300" 9.1
350 .2445" .297" 8.6
400 .2445" .294" 8.1
500 .2445" .285" 7.5

Check which shaft/ arrow spine suitable for your set-up, please click this link: Black Eagle Selection Guide

Optional components are available for the Zombie Slayer Arrow and are sold separately:
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  • Pin Nock Bushing - 70/75 T-6 aluminum.
  • Full Brass Insert - 42 Grain.
  • Saunders 5/16" diameter Combo or Bullet Point.

Black Eagle Carnivore, Outlaw and Zombie Slayer components are all interchangable.

Gold Tip and Easton .246 components will not fit Black Eagle .2445 ID shafts, with the exception being the Easton G-Nock Uni-Bushing, that will fit.





Made by Black Eagle Arrows, LLC.

Please read the Black Eagle safety information page regarding using and cutting carbon shafts.

Written text and photography produced by Ten Zone Archery is Copyright protected and may not be used for commercial purposes without written permission from Ten Zone Archery.