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BOHNING Nock Indexing Tool

BOHNING Nock Indexing Tool
Brand: Bohning
Product Code: Nock Indexing Tool
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: $6.00
Bohning Nock Indexing Tool
This little tool allows you to adjust all of the Bohning nocks with ease.
ten zone archery
Fits most brands of nock, but especially designed for the Bohning range of nocks.
The Bohning Nock Indexing Tool is designed to aid in the insertion and positioning of a nock without damaging the "ears" of the nock.
ten zone archery
One side works with standard size shafts and Blazer Nocks and the other side works with A, F and Pin Nocks.
ten zone archer
Packaged by The Bohning Company.
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