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Easton 3D Super Nock

Easton 3D Super Nock
Easton 3D Super Nock Easton 3D Super Nock Easton 3D Super Nock Easton 3D Super Nock
Brand: Easton
Product Code: Easton 3D Super Nock
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Easton 3D Super Nock - 12 Pk with Tool
The Super Nock fits all Easton and Beman standard diameter carbon shafts.

The 3D Super Nock has a slightly narrower 'ear' than the Standard Super (S) Nock, allowing the use of a slightly narrower d-loop.

Packaged by EASTON Archery

Easton Powerflight, Lightspeed and Flatline • Beman Bowhunter and ICS shafts • Any .246" Inner Diameter carbon shaft eg. Gold Tip Hunter and Velocity.
  • Precision-molded.
  • Press-fit indexable.
  • Super Uni-Bushing used in XX75 Alloy shafts.
  • Includes Easton nock installation tool in the Easton packaging.
Weight: 12.9 grains each approx.
Produced by Easton Technical Products, USA.

Please read the Easton safety information page regarding using and cutting carbon shafts.

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