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Easton Inspire Arrow | Each

Easton Inspire Arrow | Each
Brand: Easton
Product Code: Easton Inspire Arrow | Each
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Easton Inspire Arrow - Each
ten zone archery
A small-diameter, smooth carbon target arrow for the beginner archer of all ages.

A wide range of spines - arrows are supplied at pre-cut lengths with points installed.
The 1400 is 27", 1200 is 27.25", 1000 is 27.5", 900 is 28.5", 750 is 29.5", 630 is 30.5", 570 is 31.5".

750-1400 takes the G Nock.
570, 630 takes the X Nock.

Zinc one-piece point included with the Inspire arrow.
Factory fletched with AAE EP 2.3 vanes.
Available in the following spines: 570 (8.2 gpi), 630 (7.9 gpi), 750 (8.1 gpi), 900 (7.7 gpi), 1000 (7.2 gpi), 1200 (7.2 gpi), 1400 (6.7 gpi).
Please note: We don't cut these arrows.
Please specify at check-out if you need small or large throat G-Nocks with the 750-1400 spine arrows.
ten zone archery
For more info, visit the Easton Archery web site.
ten zone archery
ten zone arche
Produced by Easton Technical Products, USA.
Please read the Easton safety information page regarding using and cutting carbon shafts.
Written text and photography produced by Ten Zone Archery is Copyright protected and may not be used for commercial purposes without written permission from Ten Zone Archery.