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Bohning Blazer Jig HELIX

Bohning Blazer Jig HELIX
Bohning Blazer Jig HELIX
Brand: Bohning
Product Code: Blazer Jig HELIX
Availability: In Stock
Price: $86.50
This product has a minimum quantity of 3
Bohning Blazer HELIX Fletching Jig
3 Degree Right Helical
For 2" High Profile Vanes
  • The Blazer Jig is the only jig designed to give you the perfect fletch for Blazer vanes or any other 'high profile' 2" vane.
  • Available in 3 degree 'Helix' or Straight (STR8) fletch models.
  • Places 3 vanes 120° apart. 
  • Easy set-up and simple, fast operation.
  • Comes with non-stick fletching tape to prevent fast set adhesives from sticking to the clamp.
  • Instructions included.
Additional 'non-stick' fletching tapes available at Ten Zone Archery.
We use this jig with great results on standard diameter carbon shafts like Easton Powerflights and Gold Tip Hunters, as well as thinner shafts like the Easton ST Epic and the Gold Tip Kinetic line.
A light-weight but solid jig.
Made in China for The Bohning Company.
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