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Gold Tip .246 Pin Bushing

Gold Tip .246 Pin Bushing
Brand: Gold Tip
Product Code: Gold Tip .246 Pin Bushing
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Price: $23.50

Gold Tip .246 Pin Bushing 12 Pk
Gold Tip’s .246 bushings are constructed of tough yet lightweight materials that will not let you down.
Pin bushings are fast replacing other nocking systems because of the added durability they give to the back of the shaft, as well as the absolute concentricity they have.
The .246 Pin Bushing fits directly into the arrow shaft and is best held in place with a little 24 hr epoxy.
Fits:  Any carbon shaft with an inner diameter of .246". eg. Gold Tip Ultralight, Velocity and Hunter series of shafts. 
Also: Easton Lightspeed, Flatline and Powerflight shafts.
Weight each: 11.6 grains.
Made by Gold Tip, LLC.
Please read the Gold Tip safety information page regarding using and cutting carbon shafts.

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