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Shrewd Nock Bushing Gold Tip Series 22

Shrewd Nock Bushing Gold Tip Series 22
Brand: Shrewd
Product Code: Shrewd Nock Bushing Gold Tip Series 22
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: $17.50
Shrewd Nock Bushing - Series 22 Shaft
Adapts the G or F Nock to the Gold Tip Ulralight Series 22 Shaft.
 ten zone archery
Superior quality with super tight tolerances.
Press fit into the shaft with plumbers tape or any thin plastic - no need to glue.
ten zone archery
Precision machined aluminium.
Protects the rear of the shaft against arrow impact.
 ten zone archery
Weight: 13.2 Grains
Length Overall: 16.4 mm
Shaft Diameter: 19/64"
ten zone archery
The quality of Shrewd gear is fantastic and it is one of our most popular selling brands.
Check out their range of 'Pro Series' Target Stabilizers and V-Bars!
We are a direct importer of Shrewd Precision Archery Products.

If there is anything you require, just ask and we will order it in for you.


Made in the USA by Damon Co of Salem, INC (Shrewd).
Actual product colour may vary slightly to that displayed due to variations in computer displays.

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