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Shrewd OPTUM 30mm Sunshade | Two Step Short

Shrewd OPTUM 30mm Sunshade | Two Step Short
Brand: Shrewd
Product Code: Shrewd OPTUM 30mm Sunshade | Two Step Short
Availability: In Stock
Price: $28.50
Shrewd OPTUM Sunshade 35mm | Two Step Short
Photo may show the 40mm Two-Step Sunshade.
CNC machined from 6061 aluminum.
Threads onto the 'shooter-side of the 35mm Optum Scope/ ORS Combination.
Features internal grooves to reduce glare.
The Two-Step Short Sunshade reduces the inside diameter of the scope to 29.2mm of sight picture.
Not compatible with NOMAD scopes.
Available in other styles:
1-Step: Does not reduce the diameter of the sight picture - shows the full 35mm.
Long: Only threads into target side, does not reduce inside diameter.
Made in the USA
We are a direct importer of Shrewd Precision Archery Products.
If there is anything you require, just ask and we will order it in for you.
Made in the USA by Damon Co of Salem, INC (Shrewd).
Actual product colour may vary slightly to that displayed due to variations in computer displays.