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TRU Ball Max Pro 4 PLUS | BLACK

TRU Ball Max Pro 4 PLUS | BLACK
TRU Ball Max Pro 4 PLUS | BLACK
Brand: TRU Ball
Product Code: TRU Ball Max Pro 4 PLUS | BLACK
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Price: $174.00
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TRU Ball Max Pro 4 PLUS | BLACK
The Max Pro 4 PLUS is the next version of the Max Pro 4 - now with a Lanyard and extended fitting point.
  • Completely silent when loading and shooting - no 'click' on release.
  • Small head and jaws should you want to extend your draw length a little, to pick up a bit more speed!
  • Fast to load. Squeeze the trigger to open the jaws and let up to close.
  • Head and jaw assembly rotates a full 360 degrees so there's no torque on your D-Loop.
  • Adjustable thumb barrel position for maximum comfort.
  • Tapered inner jaw surface for reduced wear on D-Loop cord.
Specs (Approx):
Length overall (T-handle): 100 mm
Body width: 12 mm
Head Length - from swivel joint to jaw tips: 30 mm
Distance from index and middle finger plane to jaw tips : 44 mm
Available in : Black or 'Splash' camo anodize.
Splash Camo is more expensive - please see the drop-down menu for the price difference.
Made in the USA by T.R.U. Ball Archery.
Ten Zone Archery is an importer of TRU Ball products.