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Victory VAP Pin Bushing | Black Anodized

Victory VAP Pin Bushing | Black Anodized
Brand: Victory Archery
Product Code: Victory VAP Pin Bushing | Black Anodized
Availability: In Stock
Price: $22.50


Victory VAP Pin Bushing (ACVAPPB) 12 Pk
Black Anodized


Victory VAP pin bushings are built to the same tight tolerances as the VAP shafts.
VAP pin bushings offer protection to the the rear of your VAP shafts and allow the use of Bohning pin nocks as well as many other brands of pin nock.
Save valuable arrows when shooting several arrows at the one target - sacrifice only the pin and/or nock instead of a whole arrow!
Weight each: 12.0 grains approx
One size fits all VAP spines.
Please read the Victory Archery safety information page regarding using and cutting carbon shafts.
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